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Flexible Work Success

You've hit the ground running through this pandemic. Last year you were dumped in the deep end, setting the team up to work flexibly from home with limited notice. It's been a sprint. And while the world is transitioning out of lock down, people in your team will want to (and need to) continue working flexibly. Not only that, it makes business sense. 

It's now time to learn the lessons, leverage the opportunity and optimise 'hybrid' team-based flexible working for the future. 

Read the testimonials below to hear how we've helped many leaders and managers through our practical programs.

What is 'hybrid' team-based flexibility? Basically, it's where people work from different locations (in the office, at home etc) at different times of the day. It can be challenging to manage if you don't have the fundamentals in place. And that's where this program will help you.

This practical program is centered on helping you to continue to lead, manage and support your team working flexibly in a 'hybrid' way. You will also get clarity on your LeaderFlex Style and future proof your career for this 'new' flexible way of working.

The Flexible Work Success For Leaders & Managers program follows our proven step-by-step proven approach. It s available for you to access online in your own time through our training platform, starting today. You will have access to the program for 12 months from the time you enrol.

The program includes 12 lessons, with four modules including:

  1. Module 1 - The New Flexible World: In this module you will reflect upon the FlexAgility Fundamentals and make a practical plan to embed them, and proactively and tackle the common challenges with 'hybrid' team-based flexibility.
  2. Module 2 - Leading and Managing Into the Unknown: In this module you will further develop your 'LeaderFlex' Style so you can not only 'future proof' your career, but also enhance your capability to lead and manage your team working in a blended 'hybrid' flexible way. You'll also gain a greater appreciation of the impact of change and fear on your team, and how to motivate them through continued uncertainty.

  3. Module 3 - Setting My Team Up for Hybrid Flex Success: In this module you will focus on team-based design, enhancing communication and continuing to build the 'hybrid' flexible team culture based on trust, outcomes and accountability

  4. Module 4 Proactively Supporting My Team: In this module you will consider the productivity and performance in your team, and also develop your 90 Day Plan.

You will also get access to:

  1. The LeaderFlex Health Check that will give you clarity on priority areas, for both you and your team.

  2. A 90 Day Team-Based Flex Plan that will help you focus on what needs to be done today, whilst keeping one eye on the future. 

  3. Your personalised FlexAgility Maturity Assessment, so you know exactly where the maturity of your team or workplace is with regards to hybrid flexibility, helping you make a plan for where you want to be and any 'blindspots' to tackle.

  4. Access to over 30 templates, guides, articles to help you and your team navigate team-based 'hybrid' flexibility - including Team Flex Workshop Agendas and more! 

  5. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: You will also get a bonus 1:1 FlexAgility Coaching Session (1 hour) with an expert flex coach - where the agenda is up to you. You can focus on any issues you're currently facing, your 90 Day Plan, or developing your LeaderFlex Style. It's completely up to you! (Valued at over $350!!).

    - Risk management and business continuity
    - Optimising health and wellbeing
    - Building resilience
    - And more!!

This practical program is valued at over $1,800.

This program is for YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY (please review the Terms). If you would like this program to be available in your workplace, please get in touch and we can discuss licencing options and / or the ability for it to be delivered "live".

To get immediate access to the program today by paying online by credit card. If you need to pay by invoice, you can request one by clicking here.  Please send me your name (or business name) and we will send it to you directly.

If you're not sure that the program is right for you - clicking here to send us your questions and we will get back to you either by phone or email.

What People Are Saying:

“Vanessa’s masterclass was insightful, energetic and full of practical tips on ways to integrate flexibility into business operations, including regulation, policy and management strategies. It was a highly valuable and enjoyable event.”

Kristina Irish, previously - Executive Director, Finance & Administration Global Infrastructure Hub

“The Masterclass provided a really valuable opportunity to reflect on my own organisation’s current position in relation to flexible work, but also to network and engage in lots of interesting discussions with other participants and to learn from their current challenges and experiences. Vanessa has a breadth and depth of knowledge in relation to flexible work and her openness and willingness to share her insights, experiences and progressive ideas was highly valuable.”

Clare Dowling, Senior Consultant, Office of the Executive Director, Human Resources Division, Deakin University

“Vanessa worked with us to develop our approach to flexible working. This involved working with staff to determine what was important to them, with managers to make sure an “all roles flex” approach was workable in IHPA’s context. She drafted and then refined a flexible work guideline document for IHPA which forms the basis for how we do flexibility. Vanessa’s consultative, practical approach and style meant that the process was easy, quick and engaged all staff in the consultations, leading to a great outcome.”

James Downie, CEO, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

“Vanessa Vanderhoek and the team from FlexAgility supported Landcom as we embarked on our first official Flexible Working Policy. Landcom as a State Owned Corporate adopted the NSW’s Government’s approach to flexible working on a “If not, why not” basis. In the first instance, FlexAgility partnered with our People & Culture team in building awareness and consulting with our Senior Leadership Team ahead of the formal Policy launch. FlexAgility supported Landcom to embed flexible working practices through the development and delivery of education and awareness sessions for all our leaders and for staff along with coaching. Taking the time to assess our context and culture along with appropriate change management supported by FlexAgility has led to the official launch of Landcom’s Flexible Working Policy being readily adopted. The team at FlexAgility have a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical examples across flexible working across many sectors. The energy and enthusiasm from Vanessa and her team has resulted in Landcom aspiring to do more and to share our progress.”

Jessica Hill, Director Organisational Development, Landcom